URBANFOOTBALLGOLF designs and installs open-air golf courses

for communities, outdoor hotels, the leisure industry and businesses. As specialists, we propose a topographical study of the site to design both fun and attractive courses for you. Our turnkey concept is installed on all land areas.

Much more than just a leisure course, our concept is to make the land more attractive in terms of layout. Each course is unique and encourages discovery and movement to discover new playgrounds. We will enhance your spaces to give users a new neighbourhood outdoor experience for everyone to enjoy.

« Everyone already knows how to play » The rules are simple and the game intuitive, the goal being to reach each target by playing the least moves possible to finish with the lowest score. « A great facility for entertainers and educators, just come with a ball. »

Urban Football Golf Course

The choice of tailor-made !
9 bogeys UFG
play and sport aspacts
Signage of play
Tees end greens in synthetic turf
Installation off all items
Online digital application

Let’s imagine together the best implantation

A football golf course can be installed in your

Public or private parks are our favourite places to install our courses. The trees, the often sculpted and unique layout make exceptional playgrounds.

Leisure zone

A zone initially planned for leisure where our courses will have pride of place! An installation in progress can serve as a link between the different play areas.


Today, more than just a home, we seek a living environment, with services and recreational facilities nearby. In this context, our open access courses can be an added value to a residence, or an eco-neighbourhood. They will encourage playing together and inter-generational encounters.


Audacity and uniqueness characterise our brand, so why not design routes in wasteland, even industrial wasteland, for a really unusual course! Our products and our concept can be installed on all types of land!

Campsites and open-air accommodation :

Place of rest, holidays and leisure, that’s where we like to spend our best. Moments, whether with family or friends. Always anxious to entertain, our courses are suitable facilities for campsites and hotels.

Companies :

Build your team with an outdoor activity on your land. By encouraging the use of the company’s land, will this asset boost the quality of life at work?

Much more than just a leisure course, the digital and connected aspect will give you a true outdoor

Urban football golf

We create the equipment, the studies for our customers. Worn on the digital we will never stop innovating for you, today ball connected UFG to the integration of increased reality for tomorrow.

Urban football golf

Our goal is to become the urban outdoor recreation of reference.
We work for communities, the leisure industry, outdoor hotels, construction, architects and businesses.

Urban football golf


It’s never been easier to play !

Digital Application

Our courses involve a digital dimension. You will have access to an application with scorecards and course geo-location.


The user can create his gaming community and organise his own challenges with his friends or family.


The user can publish his score card or share his photos and videos on the course Facebook page


Tomorrow we will offer users different fun experiences on our courses with our UFG connected balloon. We will offer you a connected urban challenge in free access, come play and win when you want !


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per course.


of fresh air and concentration.


of de-stress and sharing.


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